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Martin Beck Nworah Friday, August 09, 2013 0

Speaking to a group of young engineers at a
conference in Benin,I raised the question of when
is it right to disobey one's parents or employer in
taking a decision. Many of them gave divergent
answers but one was very remarkable,the young
man said;"there is never a time it is right to
disobey a constituted authority,the best thing to do
is to differ in some particular issues but not to
disobey them out rightly". And so it is with many
of us in this young technological generation,we
feel because the internet is there to teach and
enlighten us;it is now foolhardy to listen and obey
our authorities.
If we are ever going to succeed and go far in our
chosen life career,we must comprehend and accept
orders without questioning them especially when
we know it is the right thing to do. Sometimes, it
may go aganist our life principles and push us
hard to challenge same,but when you realize you
have a future to protect;" need to dey
form James Bond for ur oga at the top". Many
times I see youths wearing caps with the
inscription "OBEY",I really want them to pay
more attention to effecting the meaning of that
word in reality. As a young man with many
potentials,now is not the right time to make some
serious independent need to seek
the advice of the authorities in your life.
Moses didn't enter the promised land because he
didn't obey. Saul was stripped of his kingship
because he failed to obey. And in our present day
dispensation,many of us have lost sweet
scintillating opportunities because we have refused
to heed the call of obedience. Dearest friend,now
is not the time to prove to your parents that you
are a man. Provided you are still under their roof
and they're taking care of you,you are still bound
to consult them in planning your future. If you
want to act like the real man,go out to
streets,acquire a certificate or get into the
market,sweat it out...hustle hustle hustle(God bless
Duncan Mighty for that Hustler's anthem). At the
end of the day,you will succeed; but you need to
be diligent,patient,dedicated,prayerful and must be OBEDIENT.
Finally ladies and gentlemen,when we must have
succeeded in getting to the promised land,you will
pass me a glass of water, and thank God for the
gift of grace for the race.

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