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Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, August 03, 2013 0

From the churches shouting rapture! rapture!(like its a commodity for sale) to the pastors shouting through their mega phones about the great consequences of not paying your tithes to their church as if its your school fees,down to the politician who promises us all the sweet things of life with a few english words he learnt from his P.A,to the night clubs and bars(not lawyers bar ooo) who tell us how short we are going to live and how important it is that we enjoy our life now,in all of these,Nigerians have proven time and time again that we are gullible and can never learn from history. As for the churches,I'll leave God to be the judge on the last day,but if anything we are doing in this country is reckoned upon,then we are all VIPs in hell. That apart,I want to vent my anger on this 'runz gurl' living opposite me(don't worry,she wont see this update because she went for away match),who is that witch who is holding the man of your dreams? Can you sow rice and reap apple,certainly not possible. I just said this because I'm tired of your night vigils and fire sessions,chase away those 'aristos' and your reality abi dream man will come.
Now for my fellow gullible citizens,we are suffering greatly in this country and seriously,I don't see this nation getting better NOW with these set of leaders and religious heads. I strongly believe that God endowed us with a thinking faculty to discern what is right and just,thus I feel less a human when I see people swindled of their hard earned money by yahoo boys and pastors(both are same). I know life tribulations are much,from unemployment to lack of husband/wife to failure in career,but in all,we should always pray and beg God to direct us aright.
You will receive a mail telling you some funny things like 'I saw your profile and liked you,please send me a mail to for my pictures and profile. A Nigerian young man will send his mail,not because he dosen't know that its fraud,but because he feels the lady will show him what his girlfriend or wife has not shown him before. Then along the line like Solidstar said,you will begin to dance to the tune of making your 5,000 naira fetch you 100 million naira without doing anything. Please I beg you,apart from MTN or Etisalat promo,no venture on this planet earth will give you such amount of wealth just like that(unless you are a top Nigerian politician anyway)
For those who run to the churches,well,God is the final judge like I said before,but if we have only this present type of Christianity practised in Nigeria in the whole world,then I will personally tell Jesus that men and women who took after him are all failures. First,Jesus never told any person he healed to register online and come for a special healing session or school(I didnt call any church ooo),it was instantly and he left you with the freedom to thank him or walk away. But because of the gullible state of mind in our nation and ofcourse,the echoes of hardtimes experienced by everyone including the man of God,he/she(shouting on top of my voice) will tell me to register online,pay my registration fee before I can even be allowed to see him and then discuss the terms of my healing(This is real hypocrisy and madness). Like I said,let God be the judge.
Finally,I still believe that Nigeria will get better. I hold on strong to my Nigerian dream and I know its for real! We will be great as a nation and attain great lofty heights. And I know that when we get there,you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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