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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, November 06, 2013 1

A little friend of mine who is 5 years old
approached me this morning and full of
enthusiasm and delight,he said to me,"Uncle,I
want to become a big pilot and fly all over the
world.I have started saving money to buy my own
plane now and I have saved 20 naira,so will you
contribute to my plan?". I looked at this little boy
and marvelled. I smiled,dipped my hand into my
wallet and gave him another 20 naira and said to
him,"Now you have 40 naira Frank,take the
money to mum and tell her to be keeping it for
you.She will buy the best plane for you once
you're able to pass all your examinations in
school". He beamed with smiles and ran back
joyfully to the house. At least, the plane money
was increasing.
I decided to share this story because many a
times,we kill the innocent zealous spirit of young
kids who are determined to be better and succeed
more than us. An adult in Nigeria would have
laughed at the boy and told him to go and read his
books. Another would've told the mother to take
the boy for deliverance while others would've
scorned him off as a dreamer because he wants to
buy an air plane with 20 naira. But I saw beyond
the moment. I saw the spirit of a boy who,if given
the opportunity,he will actualize his potentials and
become great. We kill these young spirits
everyday because we could not dream like them,
or we dreamed but were too afraid to pursue our
passion because of our laziness and blame game
on the government and society. When next you've
the opportunity of meeting this young spirit,don't
kill it. Don't tell him it can't be done. Encourage
him,bless him and give him hope that the future is
bright. That may be all he needs to succeed and
excel in life.
Finally,as a young Nigerian,blaming anybody for
your present predicament is motivated stupidity on
your own part. Never feel you don't have the
opportunity to pursue your passion. Always
remember my little friend Frank and dare to
pursue your dreams. You'll succeed,you'll become
great and achieve all you've set out to achieve;and
guess what? I will be waiting for when we will get
to the Promised Land,there you will pass me a
glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace
for the race.

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