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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, December 04, 2013 0

He who has breath in him lives. But many of us are slaves to several gods and things;these have made us to lose our existence to them. For a greater percentage of us,religion has blinded them that they don't reason again. They can insult,maim or even kill in the name of religion. It is of the supernatural I know;but what makes you think that they care if you live or die? When an individual makes some assertions about my faith,I cannot,in trying to defend what I believe in;attack his person. If the argument is on "A",I'll base my response on "A". Part of our stupidity is the fact that when someone points out the wrong we're doing,instead of accepting responsibility and changing or giving reasons for our actions,we verbally or physically attack the person. In your best reasoning;do you think you're rational at all? I doubt.
For others who pour aspersions on people for no just cause on the social media. When someone updates,it is not a task that you have to comment. You can as well ignore the post and go your way. You wasted your mb by loading the page only to end up cursing the individual or saying things that will reveal your stupidity or level of mediocrity. He who has nothing to say can as well keep quiet. If your words can't motivate,advice or help another to get better;keep mute. We all have rights,but not every body can use it. When Idi Amin tells you he guarantees freedom of speech before speech and not after,he understands how emotional and irrational humans can react atimes.
We will never grow or become better unless we begin to respect each others opinion. Attack the argument and not the person. Nigerian politicians will never understand what this means because their portfolio,propaganda and agenda is based on character assassination. What will you do if elected? "I'm not like Mr. A who said he will build seaports,we all know his background,he can never say the truth. He is dishonest and doesn't keep his words. So vote for me". Did he answer the question? And Nigerian Journalists instead of calling the man to order and instructing him to answer the question,they'll be smiling sheepishly because they don't want to annoy the "Oga" that will drop a few currency notes for them. Pathetic society. Let's hope our generation will do better,till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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