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Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, April 26, 2014 4

I'm a great fan of the female breasts and I don't hide it because its part of what inspires me. 
I'm a die hard fan.
But with the way our young ladies show off their cleavages these days,I'm beginning to lose serious interest in the thing that once meant the whole world to me. Few months back,I was called up to tell an impromptu short story at a youths gathering because they knew it was MBN...he will surely have his way with words.
Well I didn't on that day.
Standing on the podium in front of the about Two hundred young people,I was counting more cleavages and exposed boobs than faces. Personally,I would've ignored it and continued with my story if I was paid for the gig but since I wasn't,I decided to do a freestyle with the ladies cleavages. Many laughed while others were totally ashamed and embarrassed. At the end of the session,a young lady approached me and said;"If its a joke,better stop it,don't make fun of females again". Seriously,I didn't hear all she said because my eyes were drawing inspiration from its natural source.
Personally,I have no problem with going naked on the streets. It's your body and your life,you can burn it if you so wish. My only concern is with people around you and the little ones who look up to their auntie. Rape cases is on the increase everyday in this country and I'm of the school of thought that believes that if less skin is shown,less rape cases will abound.
But will our ladies listen? I don't know. Two ladies just returned from "ashebi" now and passed me;their cleavages was on full display. I may pardon them because they are due for marriage so maybe,it's a way of selling their market. Truly,what we need in this nation in terms of moral is not those that worship God in spirit and tithe. We also need ladies who will worship him by showing less skin and saving many men from raping our little girls or masturbatiing...or even raping their fellow man if no eve is near to help salvage the situation.
The female body is very much beautiful and I thank God for the gift of boobs. Truly,there's nothing more inspiring than those two wonderfully shaped natural milk factories. For those their own have become fried eggs,accept my humble sympathy. To our young girls learning to show us their cleavages,please stop. For those already doing it,have a change of heart. For those not planning on stopping it anytime soon,bear in mind that once olympus falls,it won't stand again.
Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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  1. I believe our ladies will surely read this and react accordingly.

  2. Great Beck you're no doubt blazing the trail

  3. Great Beck you're no doubt blazing the trail

    1. Thank you so very much Tochukwu. Inspired!


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