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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, May 28, 2014 0

Dear Lawmakers,
As a patriotic citizen I deem it fit to draw your
attention to the disastrous mistakes you are
making. But I must first of all admit that when it
comes to politics, you have flair. But however
gifted you might be in playing noisy politics, you
are not good at making policies. Hence, our
government, by extraordinary act of naivety, has
been making Nigeria position in international
arena look not only weak and crude but also
For the benefit of all, it is high time we started
looking at our national events through the eyes of
our nation's most vigorous and certainly most
acrimonious age group: The youths.
You must know that the youths believe that
virtually all Nigerian leaders to-date lack one
important quality that their high positions
demanded; that is, the power to analyse historic
situations in depth, to propose a course of conduct
and present it in such a way as to shape the minds
of expectant citizens. The plain language of the
youths you failed to understand is that there is
disaffection on to land, and the idea of a Great
Nigerian Republic is gradually fizzling out.
And you are making a terrible mistake by
dismissing the musings of the youths as
groundless, vexatious and scandalous. You must
know that the unanimity of the masses is amazing.
But that is unanimity that all of you are corrupt.
In your arrogance & complacency, the entire
National Assembly, forgotting the lessons of the
past, is trying to impose slavery on free-born
Nigerians by taking away our much-cherished
right to decent living. This you did by
undermining Nigerian economic growth by
looting our national treasury and allocating about
40% of our annual budgets to pamper your
comforts. We know that you will all pretend to be
astonished to learn that you are doing any such
thing. But no matter how you pretend,that is your
And Nigerian masses are enduring all these
shabby treatments because life is so dear, our
peace is so sweet as to be purchased at the price of
chain and slavery. But we won't stop shouting
"Give us liberty and not sub-human existence in a
country so richly endowed."

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