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Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, July 26, 2014 2

Many of the people that are in control of affairs in this country are very much comfortable and happy that we're in this messed up situation. Don't get me wrong,in as much as they want to remedy and improve healthcare and standard of living in this country,that won't stop them from going abroad for mere "Headache" or check up. They strongly bank on the believe that our people are illiterates,ignorant and poverty stricken citizens who won't have enough time to take care of their family before talking about policies or the state of the nation. These same citizens voted for them and collected bags of rice so its no surprise the leaders don't care what you think...because poverty will always bring you back to their feet to beg for more rice. Many a times,we pretend to understand and be in control of the situation while in actual fact;we're being used.

Our ignorance has taken a new dangerous dimension that even when topical issues for national development is being discussed,we find the slightest opportunity to turn it into a tribal war.
Last week,I had the singular privilege of brainstorming with one of the leading elites in our political terrain. I asked him why politicians don't live up to their promises when they get into power and he simply smiled and said,"my son,the same reason why your teacher will tell you to shun examination malpractice and still collect money to sort some other people's own...Poverty of the mind,character and pocket".
And I strongly agree with him.
The average Nigerian is burdened with poverty and the churches make matters worst by telling you how guilty you are if you don't pay to God first. Hence we are always choked up in the rat race to provide for our families. The very few who know these facts will always make the polity ripe for them to retain power because they know that with the emancipation of the mind,comes freedom of the person,of character and pocket. Hence they will continue to play on the ignorant,illiterate,gullible and poverty stricken Nigerian because they know he can do nothing. We simply don't possess what it takes to bring about a much needed change...or so they think.
Finally,they will keep you busy with BBR,tie your mind and pocket down by harsh economic policies and finish your children with poor lecturers who try as hard to measure up. While you are busy commenting and fighting each other on social media,they're busy cascading through your towns and cities,selling your investments amongst themselves. And until we wake up to the reality facing us today,I shall be waiting for when we will reach the promised land;there you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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2 comments Banking On Illiteracy, Ignorance And Poverty

  1. Anthony O.July 26, 2014

    So touched. I pray we get better in this nonsense nation.

  2. Tony, 'pray' for who to come and mend it for us?


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