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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, July 16, 2014 4

Cynthia is always satisfied after her endless arguments with me and although I enjoy them,today's own was off the hook. She came into my room,changed my TV channel without any excuse like she always did to E!,and balanced herself on my couch.

"Hey Beck,have you heard about Splendora pad?"

Chai chai chai. I pretended like I didn't hear her very well and was still fuming from the change of my favourite cartoon. The question came again

"Oga Beck,haven't you heard about the Splendora Maxi pad for ladies?"

For one,I'm not a lady and two,what's the business of a MALE law student with female pads. And I know what you must be thinking...seriously,just drop the thought because the Cynthia here is my boo. And I don't even buy her pads for crying out loud. I told her I've heard about the product and I think its good for ladies.

"Now you're talking. Do you know I bought it newly and the product is just perfect for ladies. I had to drop the idea of using other brands sef. Splendora comes with wings to keep it in place,and is slightly scented for that feeling of freshness you can only get from the US".

Now I'm really feeling awkward.

"Cynthia,I'm a guy for crying out loud,look at me very well. Go tell this tale to your girlfriends me abeg"

Juggler my friend banged on the door and entered my room in tears. We both forgot about our Splendora tales to know what's wrong with him.

"Cynthia,I knocked on your door but your room was locked. I knew you would be here. Abeg,do you have any extra pads in your room. Chai chai chai,these girls eehh...dia ris god oooooo"

I asked him what the problem was that he needed a female pad by this time of the night and he burst out.

"Imagine Beck. Just imagine this babe that has been posting me for the past three months. I have invested over 30K of my stipend just to know naw. So finally,she came today and as I was about commencing operation "chop and run",she started acting funny. At first I thought it was a joke,but then it got serious and she requested for sanitary pads. Not just any pad but the one they call Splendora maxi pad. Where on earth am I supposed to get it by this time of the night?"

I exchanged gazes with Cynthia and I heaved a great sigh of relief because the perfect victim has arrived.
Cynthia took the centre stage and I switched over to my cartoon network.

"Oga Jug da chop and run master,Splendora is a majestic and gorgeous super maxi pad with wings, made in USA to offer grand and maximum comfort and protection to women of all ages. Splendora is brilliantly designed to offer distinctive advantages over other brands. In scientific studies by independent commercial laboratories in the United States, scientists showed that total absorbency performance results by Splendora were higher than others by over 200%. The Rewet (1st and 2nd insults), and absorbency rates, of Splendora were all significantly superior to the other brands".

"Thank you for the sermon ma,can I get the pad now?"

"Not so fast,I have extras for sale and my account is red. So,money in my hand,you get pads for your lady. Of course you won't say no,let's go to my room. Boo Beck,I'm coming back, make sure you keep my share of that fried rice and chicken inside your kitchen".

Splendora Maxi Pad. Go get yours!

Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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  1. I have been hearing about Splendora for quite sometime but i wasnt interested but with this story,i'm so buying it. Thanks MBN. Enjoyed it.

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2014

    I will surely buy one for daughter.

  3. Lovely product. I am using it now and I can authoritatively tell you that it is good.


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