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Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, July 26, 2014 2

 In a television program with Uchenna Agbo(African Priest), one of the most talented young film producers in town, he lamented how cheap girls sell their body these days to get movie roles. The situation has gotten out of hand that many now use it as a scale for determining who gets the best role and the large cash. Personally, I'm not disturbed with what these girls do with their body because it is certainly none of my business. But the part that hurts me deeply is that these ladies are perceived as role models by the society because they appear more often on our television screens. Kids do watch them and dream of becoming like them when they grow up. Now as a young lady, tell me how you will feel if your daughter of twelve years old tells you that she wants to be like Cossy Orjiakor when she grows up. Well, you may or may not give her the go ahead depending on what you call your personal values and life principles. Its left for you to decide.
The producers who own these movies should please revert back to the status-quo. I once remembered a Nollywood where a man will suffer and toil before he gets money. A Nollywood where girls will cover their body very well and still act out the role given to them. Many of the producers I have spoken to insist that sex sells these days and I beg to differ. It is not sex, rather we have decided to blind our eyes to the reality before us. The reality that our kids have started imitating these girls and dressing like them. It is not all about the money like many of them will say, but about societal development. Please, did your mother show her full breasts and linings to all your in-laws before your father accepted to marry her? I am speaking up because I am part of this and it has gotten to the stage where if nothing is done;posterity will not smile on us.
Inspiration sells, hard work sells, honesty and many other traits other than sex. I am almost crying as I am typing this, a girl just passed me now and she was discussing about Candy's Destructive Instincts. As for that lady, I seal my lips. But when you call the name of God to give him praise for exposing your boobs and everything for general consumption...I doubt if you are aware of the consequences of your act. No one is perfect, and I am not speaking as if I am the messiah or saviour. But for the sake of our young generation and generations yet unborn, I pray these movie producers and script writers to have a rethink.
Finally, I believe that Nigeria is blessed with many talents. If any of you have watched movies like "October !", "Last flight to Abuja" and a few others, you will quickly come to the conclusion that you don't need to sell your body before you make money.
Till we get there ladies and gentlemen, till we get to the land where we won't sell our bodies to get the best when we must've worked hard for it; I will be waiting patiently for that time when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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2 comments Where Boobs Determine...

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