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Martin Beck Nworah Monday, August 04, 2014 0

When Robert Frost gave me the duty of reading his poem,"The road less travelled" many years ago,little did I know the impact it would make in my life until recently. In that poem,he pointed out that two road divulged into a yellow wood,and he took the one less travelled,the one with thorns,the one with heartbreaks,the one with suffering and the one that hurts;and it was the... same road that led him to success. Today,we decide to travel the road everyone travels because of the fear of rejection,the comfort of mediocrity and the greatest fear of the unknown. And that is why we will never grow. It takes a heart and a mind,devoid of any sentimental attachments to chat a course for his future and follow it in spite of the obstacles and difficulties he will encounter. Along the way,because you've decided to take the road less travelled,you'll encounter many unfriendly faces from familiar places,never bend to make them feast on their mediocritic pride and stupidity.
Like Robert Frost,the road less travelled isn't cool at first,believe me. Many set out on that road and turned back because of fear,anxiety,depression and frustration. Many sought public opinion and approval but ended up on the side lines because those same people who needed you to worship them, will NEVER lift a finger to help or advice you. When you've made up your mind to pursue your dream and follow the road less travelled,be ready for surprises. You'll be hurt several times,it will seem like you're stupid,but with a little perseverance,hardwork,prayer and God's grace(GG);you'll smile at the end.
Finally,nobody promises us a soft ride to success in life. The road less travelled leads to fulfilment but the journey is not for the weak hearted. You must be strong,be ready to be criticised and poured aspersions upon;just bear in mind that small mind can't comprehend great spirits. You'll succeed,you'll be great and you'll be celebrated.
And when we must've succeeded in getting to the Promised Land,you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


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