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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, December 31, 2014 0

January-March 2014

I began the year with few expectations and lots of hope. 2013 taught me so much and I didn't want to repeat silly mistakes by expecting so much. The memories of the ASUU strike was still fresh in my brain. During the strike period in 2013,I utilised it by becoming a Secondary school teacher in a neighbourhood school. More to that,I got a part- time job as a freelance writer/correspondent for two print media companies and about 10 online media sites. I learnt so much about life during these periods and for once in my life,I started preparing a budget for my salary before it came in. When I needed to be stingy,I spoke more in percentages. 
So with all of these experiences in the later part of 2013,I believed 2014 will be more promising but like I said,I didn't expect much. 

My cynicism quickly caught up with me and immediately I returned to school in January,depression set in. Going to lectures became a mindless routine for me and I paid no attention to anything that was happening in my immediate environment. Repeatedly,I would sit up in bed at 2 am in the morning and ask myself endless questions with no answers. I am the cheerful and easy-going type;this made it more difficult to find a friend who really understood what I was going through so he/she will help out. In Nigeria,life was already complicated by the type of system we run here so why complicate issues with a dude who refuses to be happy and worst still,doesn't know what's wrong with him?

Psychologically,I was sinking deep into myself and was gradually becoming overwhelmed by the slightest challenge. I tried making new friends but failed woefully. You can't make new friends when you're not at peace with yourself. The old ones thought I made some money during the strike and because I was the last kid in my family,they felt the pride of my family's provision for me was getting into my head. None saw the bleak MBN. None knew what the young man was going through inside of him. was eating deep.

I returned from lectures one day and without unknotting my tie,I jumped into my 22 inches HD life bed. I picked up my Blackberry 9810;a gift from
my elder sister and visited . While waiting for the page to load,I made up my mind that this is my life. No one will help me to live it better. I needed to believe in myself and love myself. There and then,I made up my mind that
whatever happens from here,I must be HAPPY. 

After this resolution and a brief prayer,the ted page opened up to some talks on depression. I downloaded two talks from the site. One was from a Gay psychologist who battled with the realisation of his sexual orientation and the other was from a 16 years old high school student who perfected everything in his life that his life became less
interesting for him. After watching these talks,my spirit returned and I felt strong again.

I emphasised on the gay status of the psychologist because it taught me a lesson I will share with us in
the coming episodes. The young dude taught me to always embrace the challenges of life as a way of becoming better and wiser. January-March of 2014
was not my best but I learnt some great lessons that helped me in living a better and more fulfilled
life. At the zenith,it taught me to love myself more and never to always seek approval from people.

When I came out of my sorry state,I increased the pace at which I was writing Diary of A Unizik Babe and also found new joy in my legal studies. Finally,I found a rhythm to follow.

Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

April - June 2014

Who Do You Know?

The second quarter of 2014 dragged me out of my comfort zone several times in pursuit of investments for my book. The funds for my book,my examination and my elder sister's traditional marriage crowned this quarter. I needed to give equal attention to all because each was as important as the other. If I didn't raise the funds for my book,that means my 6th book won't see the light of the day. If I didn't read well and prepare for
my exams,I will fail with all pleasure. And finally,my elder sister made me the LOC chairman for some part of her event; I heartily needed it to be a
success. Within this period,my girlfriend's birthday and my own birthday were waiting to be celebrated. And to crown all,I was still balancing my life having survived the depression I experienced in the first quarter of the year. The stage was really set for this one.

To raise the funds for my publication,I reached out to a publishing firm that agreed to work on new terms with me when I have raised a certain amount of capital. In April,I drafted about 20 letters(or more) and sent them to captains of industries within and outside the south east. I detailed out a business plan that will bring in returns for their investments and promised that this plan will certainly work. Some listened to me while others felt it was a book after all;you have the perfect analysis for the wrong product. Few weeks later, I got a call back from one of the companies and they agreed to invest about 5 percent of the total sum I needed. A glimpse of hope.

I sought for venture capitalists and angel investors but I quickly discovered that those terminologies are better known as Ima mmadu(knowing someone). If you knew someone at the top,then getting there won't be a "biggie" for you. I knew people,but I wanted to achieve this on my own terms and see how far I can go. Within one month,my budget for transportation increased from about 30% to 75%;I was still battling with its realisation when my girlfriend's birthday came knocking.

I just returned from the commercial city of Onitsha where I went to buy souvenirs and auxiliaries for my sister's traditional marriage. After unloading and packing them neatly in my corridor,my girlfriend emerged from my kitchen and with hands akimbo,reminded me of her birthday. I pleaded with her to help me prepare lunch while I ran around to get other things in place. I dashed out of the house and headed to Crunchies to buy a
birthday cake for her and also pick up a gift from somewhere. On my way,I saw a former colleague in a print media house I worked for during the ASUU
strike. I resigned from my teaching job because it was disturbing my studies and I also resigned from two of the print media houses I worked for because they propagated messages that went contrary to my ethics of living. On returning from Crunchies,I dropped the cake on my reading table and filled with joy,I closed my eyes to sing a happy birthday song for her. After my rendition,I opened my eyes to discover she had earphones on...poor me. 
Birthday gone!

For my sister's traditional marriage,I rallied some of my classmates/friends(some of them are now my professed enemies) who helped me in getting things done. On that day,I felt more like a Manager of a company who made sure everything went as planned. God's grace,everything was a success and I added a new accolade to my CV;"Expert in events/ managerial duties". Her husband is from Nnewi and I have a special likeness for Nnewi because of her beautiful ladies...that's not a guarantee I will need an Nnewi lady in my life though.(I have Umuoji

A few of my former friends became my professed enemies for reasons best known to them. I was accused of being proud and 'snubby'; to cut it short,I was accused of using and dumping people. It may be true,but I believe friendship is a game of two coins,each side must work hard to make sure the coin stays in the middle. I tried so hard and
gave up trying. More or less,we have all moved on with our divergent lives,made new acquaintances and continue to enjoy the best life we know how to live. I still miss them,but I won't do anything about it.

My birthday came in on June 5th and as always,I gave myself a LONG and BORING article on how to be the best Martin Beck Nworah God created. As this
quarter was coming to a close,I became friends with a former presidential aspirant who made
sense for that moment. I became friends with someone who later opened up to me that she's a lesbian and gave me the task of making her straight. "I chickened out". 

Finally,I got to know someone who pressed the button on someone who told someone to tell someone that finally pressed
the button on my book project. God's grace,we settled that one as well.

Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

July-September 2014
Politics and Ladies

The 3rd quarter of 2014 was really fun and challenging at the same time. I was talked into school politics by I.A Muoneme,who was the Chief Justice of the SUG High court. Diary of a Unizik Babe concluded the final production phase and to crown it all,I started having a serious earthly call from
ladies. Politics and ladies,sometimes go hand in hand,but I needed to be successful with my business as well. I loved politics but I never wanted to play the game. I have joined in the manifesto drafting committee of several prominent politicians in the country and
written some of their speeches for them. With the late nights,young ladies everywhere,free drinks and
money,it was not the life I wanted to live so I always kept a distance from them after rendering my services. 

So on that very evening,I.A Muoneme stopped over at my house to brainstorm on ideas about the Judiciary day he was planning for the institution. As is my tradition with visitors to my room,I offered him a glass of water and we talked about so many things till we landed on Peter Obi's Media Aide Valentine Obienyem. He gave me a run down of the man's history and how he started out from school. I enjoyed every piece of the narrative till he got to the part where he stated unequivocally;
"MBN,you don't need Lawsa PRO,go for the SUG PRO or the Presidency even".

From across my table,I laughed out so hard and prayed we ended this discussion immediately. He
continued for about one hour unending,telling me of how great and popular I am;that even at the
mention of my name,lecturers get their monthly allowance (hahahahahahahaahahahahaha). 
"You have the stuff and talents everyone is praying for,why are you hiding? You need to use every opportunity you have now to impact in the society and make a name for yourself".

I was already doing something for my institution I told him. I became a student writer in my first year in school and turned down about three awards because I felt it was not yet time for recognition. I will be releasing DOAUB in the coming weeks and I didn't want to venture into the game of politics at any level. If I start now,I may be consumed by the passion to give people a better life and a proper purpose of living. After all my grammar,I thought hard about everything,made a few consultations and in the weeks following it,I took my baptismal
oath as a politician.

At any level,politics is a serious game that needs money,attention and divergent forms of conviction
you can garner to secure enough votes and support. Diary of a Unizik Babe increased my popularity in school when it was released so all I need do was to leverage on the popularity of my book. I was spending money to win my election and I also needed to keep an eye on my book although from a distance because the management was in
charge. I started keeping late nights in order to meet up with so many groups and people. It was
the beginning of the journey and as I was still settling down in the reality of becoming a small politician,the ladies came calling.
Diary Of A Unizik Babe is a comedy and to a large extent,many of them believed I was funny as the book I wrote. Wrong conclusion!

I started having issues handling ladies because for the first time in my life,people laughed even when I said nothing funny. Part of my problems was also as a result of my perceived caring nature. When I have a first contact with anybody,I give you the best version of myself and if you're a lady,the best version includes asking you about life,family,your health and everything that interests you. When you meet this dude for the first time,its like heaven on earth; you will immediately see your missing rib. The pressure was much but I needed to be focused on my political career and my books. I didn't want to be distracted so I sought the help of a psychologist to position me well in handling the advances I get and also teach me some tricks the ladies may use to nail me down.

The psychologist was a beautiful young lady of about 25 years with a masters in her field. Fair,tall,right things in the right places and to crown it all,she was rich and single. I spent more time in her office because I wasn't paying for her services;her fiancee is a good friend of MBN. At the end of the two weeks crash course in "Feminine management and approaches",she gave me an
examination and I failed! 
No hope!

She referred me to a pastor in town!

In all,I mastered the basics in school politics and sold out my book. My girlfriend taught me a few tricks to drive away other ladies and I was really happy. If she doesn't take care of me,who will?

Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

October-December 2014

The last quarter of 2014 is still in session and I will start by revealing a secret nobody knows about me. I have a basic working and speaking knowledge of Mandarin Chinese but with limited speaking mates,I'm gradually speaking it with an Igbo accent. Now to the real business of this quarter. 

In October,I fired up and created a mini-committee to track the success of DOAUB. If I wanted to
succeed politically,I needed underdogs to keep track of the book and report back to me. It was a huge success till I was named among the top 20 most outstanding Unizik students by UNIZIK COMET...pride set in. Common on,do you really know
what it means to be among the top 20 in a university of over 35,000 regular students and over
20,000 part-time,diploma and post graduate students? It got into my head but with prayers and consultations,I returned to my normal humble self...just kidding about the pride part.

In between,I gained some new friends who became instrumental
during my campaign and I also lost about two who were clogs in our wheel of success. 

Remember when I told you I started the year on a low psychological disposition in the first quarter? Yes! God used it as a point to ready me for a happy
year. In November, I increased the pace of my publicity for my book and not my campaign. My advisers insisted that we have to gamble with my popularity this time around. If I was really popular on campus,then I will win. If I wasn't,I'll fail and stop disturbing everybody with my speeches,crazy business ideas,branding and writings. A very cold approach in an election where people spent money on money,money on drinks and money on those other things. I was afraid,but I still pretended to be strong. 

My elder sister's wedding was held in far away Houston,TX and I joined them in my dream. As a matter of fact,I was the mass server at the ceremony and also the MC at the reception...that was before I woke up from my sleep.

December crowned all. In its first week,I was honoured by the Anambra Exclusive Youths Choice Awards as the Most Intelligent Mind in Anambra State for 2014. And please to clear all doubts,this "intelligent mind" has nothing to do with classwork before you'll copy my reg number and start checking my results for me. The criteria was based on creative thinking and methodological system of
problem solving in the society(don't ask me the meaning). 

I didn't have enough money to share around during my campaign because I felt my manifesto was enough to convince people to vote for me.
Repeatedly,I was warned that I will fail if I didn't share money to the big boys and pledge my loyalty. I was not desperate to occupy an executive position in the students union. If I win,I'll thank God and work assiduously to deliver my campaign promises
to the students. If I failed,I'll learn my lessons that in Nigeria,no matter the level of politics,you must share money to win. It was a battle between what I believed in to be the right thing and what was generally accepted as the norm. My body weight
reduced drastically and I spent more sleepless nights in thinking of how best to win without trampling on my life principles.

I reached out to a few people who by God's grace,wanted the best for the students just like myself. They devoted their time and resources in making sure we put finishing touches to our campaign. Because of their belief that Nigeria will start from us to get better,they canvassed enough votes for me and after the elections,I was declared as the Public Relations Officer of the Students Union Government,Nnamdi Azikiwe
University,Awka. It was a battle well fought and won. The media and PR related fields are my passion;much will be done. And I strongly believe in the bible verse that goes thus "...servant who is
found worthy in little things,more will be given to him". It is a first step in politics and public service;I strongly believe that with God's grace,I will give in
my best and be found worthy in my office.

Few days after swearing in,my 3rd accolade of the year came in and this time,I was named in the list of the 20 students who contributed in shaping Unizik positively in 2014. It was like a bottle of wine taken after a sumptuous meal. 

In All! 2014 was good and I thank God for the blessings and lessons that shaped it. I pray 2015 will be a year of divergent positive testimonies for you and
your family. Amen! May He keep us in his love.


Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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