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» » » » Is Anambra Broadcasting Service(ABS) Worth Celebrating at 30? - MARTIN BECK NWORAH

Martin Beck Nworah Tuesday, February 24, 2015 1

When I was 5 years old(not too long ago),my mum would invite me to the verandah on a cool Sunday evening and tune the radio to 88.5fm which is one of the radio frequencies for Anambra Broadcasting Service. Siting on the floor with my head on her laps, I would listen with rapt attention to the sweet stories(akuko Ifo) about the tortoise(he was a big celebrity for us then) and his many escapades with other animals in the animal kingdom. After each evening show, mum would explain the stories to me and teach me a lesson about life from it. For all the reasons in this world, I loved Anambra Broadcasting Service as kid. To the television station,"World in the ring", "Nze Odera" and "Igede" were reigning supreme. Trust me, if you were living in any part of Anambra State and you don't know about these three programmes, then you don't own a television in those days. Martin Beck Nworah(I love typing my name often) even crammed some lines off the intros..."Aka na eti igede,ga na eti igede" and several others.
From 1985 till the first two years into the new millennium, Anambra Broadcasting Service was the "in-thing". But from then on,many factors which visits a government establishment with the divergent changes in government made ABS a laughing stock. A big laughing stock that even some of her staff refused to identify with her outside of their working place but somewhere in my heart, I still believed that the glory of the past years will be back and even better. So when I gained admission to study Law in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, I wasted no time in finding ways to attach myself to my darling ABS and appear on a few programmes. It clicked. With my polished legal English and smart appearance(LOL), I was able to appear on a few shows. But still I wasn't satisfied so I left. I knew something fundamental was still lacking. With the spoilt tripod, AC that blew like fan and carton televisions, I knew something must be done for the bragging rights of ABS to be back.

In my heart, I prayed day and night(yeah I never prayed) for ABS to be transformed to a world class broadcasting house. My prayers got the right answers and Mr. Uche Nworah was appointed as the M.D/C.E.O ('branding don start') of Anambra Broadcasting Service. I will talk about him some other time; he is the right man for the job not by virtue of his excellent profile in Oceanic Bank and Glo but by virtue of what he was able to achieve in less than one year in office.
In less than one year in office, I have seen signs that my ABS will be transformed into a media house worthy of the name. From the signing of the contract for the total transformation of the Media house, taking the Miss Independence Beauty Pageant to an all new level, hosting of the Xmas trade fair, the first ever literary evening with a friend who doesn't know he is my friend Professor Okey Ndibe, the Xmas Jamfest;
contd. the new ABS magazine, quarterly raffle draw in celebration of the 30 years of ABS and ultimately, the media lecture in celebration of the 30 years of ABS with Professor Pat Utomi; I humbly submit that Anambra Broadcasting Service is worthy of being celebrated.
Like a beautiful maiden who lost her beauty in the past, I strongly believe that her beauty is coming back with the speed of light. As we lift the spirit of Anambra, I also lift my own spirit in the hope that Mr. Uche Nworah will deliver in his usual tradition of excellence. If you are still waiting to be convinced that Anambra Broadcasting Service is back on track,take a look at her 2015 calendar and see where we are going.
I know it will not be easy. The level of skilled manpower required in the media today is unparalleled. An OAP must be everything to everybody. You must be a good presenter, handsome/beautiful to win fans, be a celebrity with a certain level of scarcity(even if you're broke), young and ultimately, ever ready to change as the days go by. Asides the manpower, I know the facilities to do this will also present its vicissitudes. But I believe ABS is back, bigger and getting better. This is why I will join in the celebration of her 30 years. We are not there yet, but we are right on track. We shall get there.
So be at the Women Development Centre on the 4th of March by 10am to enjoy the 30th anniversary lecture by Professor Pat Utomi on the topic "MEDIA, POLITICS AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT".

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for Anambra Broadcasting Service to pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

Martin Beck Nworah.
Public Relations Officer,
Students Union Government,
Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

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