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» » (A STORY) Ada and #ZikitesUSNConnect

Martin Beck Nworah Tuesday, December 01, 2015 7

"Ada Ada...wait naw ooo...Ada..nawa for you ooo...see how I'm shouting your name under this hot Unizik sun. You no get conscience?"

Ada has been my friend from way back in the days but I never really looked her way till this new session. The extended holidays helped in a great way in bringing out her beauty and body contours. For the first time in a long time, I'm actually thanking God for her beauty. She was walking up to the School gate from Destiny Pots and having refused to answer her calls few days ago, she decided to give me a little attitude.

"So MBN, you feel you can now snub my calls abi? All these small small girls that packed into your lodge don dey give you head abi?"

"Mba ooooo. Not really dear. See ehh... my sister's elder brother came around and I was discussing with him when you called. That's why I couldn't pick up. So...where are you rushing to?"

"I want to go and get my ticket for #ZikitesUSNConnect . I heard the lady issuing the ticket is wearing a branded #ZikitesUSNConnect polo and she is behind that photographer's stand at Garuba square, just opposite the bus stand."

I have been looking for an opportunity to hang out with her and I felt this is my chance. So I escorted her to the ticket stand.

"Ada, you know I have been asking you to give me a little space to love you but you keep telling me I'm your best friend. See ehhh, with this your new packaging, I'm leaving this friend zone by force oooo. Na wetin naw?"

"No wahala. I won't eat love. Come and pay for the ticket. I will consider giving you space. Oh...I just remembered; Nancy, Cindy, Amara and Chiomzy said they will also attend so you will buy tickets for them too. You will buy abi?"

"Anything for you my love. Even if it means spending my school fees on you, I will use Nairabet to replace it or I'll sell my phone."

" are the man. Oya let's go. See the lady there. Nne good afternoon. Hope you are the one selling the tickets?"

Beaming with smiles, the lady handling the tickets responded in the affirmative and Ada nudged me to pay for the tickets.

"Errrm. Please, one ticket is how much biko?"

"1k only"

"1 gini? For one person or for seven people?"

"MBN, you see why I've not given you a peck since we became friends. You are just stupid and stingy. If you know what they will give the people that will attend #ZikitesUSNConnect on the 12th of December at Fayrouz Spot Ifite by 6:00pm, you will even pay more."

"Nne calm down joor. I have the money and conne...don't chance me abeg. In fact, tell me what they will even give you people sef"

"Ok. Everyone will go home with a copy of the mini-magazine, "After school, what next?", hundreds of people will win a copy of "Diary of a Unizik Babe" through the lucky dip, there will be drinks, chops, meats, games, comedy, dance, fun, etc. Everyone will be going home with something and the evening promises to be a very lively one. Some people will even win that beautiful Unizik metallic crested tags sef."

"Chai...all these things for just 1k?...the organisers tried ooo."

"Stay there think everybody will be as stingy and stupid as you. Come and take free love na. In fact, if you stare at my boobs again eehh, I'll pluck out your eyes. They wanted to make it free but the number of people attending increased a lot. But its worth it shaa. 1k is okay compared to what we will enjoy that day."

"So Ada, if I pay for these tickets now, you will give me small space to rock you that night abi?"

"Ogbeni, pay for tickets first."

"See, I know why I'm saying this ooooo. If you won't agree to give me space, lemme keep my money oooo. Hmmmmm...because people will separate our fight that night ooo."

"MBN! No wahala. Oya pay for ticket first. Relax. No be only rocking abi? Nsogbu adiro. Just pay."

"Ok. Hello, give me five tickets. Make it six because I will attend as well. So Ada, how about that your boyfriend, I heard he broke up with you and started dating a year 1 student with the looks of Kim K and the body of Nicki Minaj."

"Broke up gini? That idiot! He chases anything in skirt. Stupid guy. Biko let's discuss something else."

"So you never knew he was an idiot all these while you were enjoying his money from Destiny Pots to Shoprite abi?"

She turned and give me a stare that perfectly put me in my place and I shut my mouth.

"Here are the tickets Sir. We have marked it against your name here. On that day, you will receive everything stated here and more. Always call the attention of the ushers to attend to you whenever you need something."

"Errm Ada. I don't trust you. See ehh, I will go home with these tickets and give it to you that evening in front of Fayrouz. Wear that your white jean and don't wear a bum pad ooo."

"Hahahahahaha. Foolish boy. Biko gimme the tickets." She grabbed the tickets from my hand and walked away. "Come and rock fire naw...stingy head."

"Bia Ada...see ehhh, leave matter oooo. If I don't rock you that night. There will be trouble for me and you ooooo. This campus won't contain us ooo. Better gimme back those tickets so I will find better people to give it to ooooooo."

She laughed hard at me and shouted from afar.

"Gararahere mehn.... for real."

Fayrouz Spot Ifite
Saturday, December 12, 2015.
Tickets can be obtained for 1k only from Garuba square, just behind the photographers stand from tomorrow (Monday) till Saturday (Dec 5th). From 10am till 6pm each day.
For details: 08144322744.

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7 comments (A STORY) Ada and #ZikitesUSNConnect

  1. Woooooooooo. I won't miss this party for anything. I will be there.

  2. Cool story to advertise. MBN you too much. I go show!

  3. hahahhahahaahhahahhahahhha

  4. Must I come to Unizik for the ticket? Can I get it that night cos I don't reside @ Awka
    Am Benjacks......

    1. Sure! You can get it that night of the event.

  5. Lolzzzzzz Hahahahahahahhaha great story from a great man.. MBN you too much jare.. Thumbs up


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