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Martin Beck Nworah Friday, August 12, 2016 3

This is for my fellow youths and I hope our elders don't get to read this. Can anyone tell me why we are so interested in government than investing in our personality? In the person or future that we want? Must we, as young, vibrant, intelligent and alert young people join the adults in blaming the government? They trusted the government for their lives and that's why we are at this point today. Do we really want to continue in that light?
Blaming the government and every other person for our failures and mistakes won't help us. More to that, they insult themselves and use swear words; and they're gradually pulling us into that web.
I insist, as young people, we talk about politics and get involved with political processes without insulting ourselves. We can still exchange creative political ideas and argue out our points without insulting or calling each other names. This is because we have a long way to go in life, we cannot join them(our elders) to pour aspersions on each other.
We must get involved in politics no doubt, but we can be an example for a nation that prides age over knowledge. So tell me, do you still want to hang out and enjoy best of times with your friends? If yes, then don't insult or swear for them in the name of politics. We need a long break from the way these adults do things...or don't you think so? Even if you don't know the person today, your insult can make posterity bring him along your way tomorrow.
Tribes or no tribes; we are human beings first of all. There are many tribes in China and USA but you hear of only one country. It is not because they're the best...far from that. They have their problems as well, but the difference is that they've learnt, understood and are practising the true meaning of "Unity in diversity". It is not about calling each other names today, its all about the future we want for ourselves and for our children. Adults 'nko'? Their time is far spent;they can rarely change nor be corrected, that's why they keep on insulting each other and making a mess of our media houses in the name of politics.
As a youth, politics is a "must" because we need to salvage our country. But before that, we need to work hard for our personal future. If I become a successful CEO tomorrow and contribute to the nation's economy through my many investments, I really don't need to be elected before I can impact in people's life. We can become the change we need without becoming politicians nor calling each other names because of ephemeral things.
Remember,its 70 or 80 for the strong on this pallet.
Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you'll pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.
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3 comments We Need A Long Political Break

  1. Very beautiful piece. I hope our youths get to read this.

  2. Woo. If this is coming from a Nigeria youth, then we have hope in this nation.

  3. I stronly agree, plz can u write a seminer on this? Let us Turn it into a serious campaign


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