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» » » » THE MADUKA PRIZE for SOCIAL MEDIA EVANGELIZATION 2016 [anchored by The Maduka Centre]

Martin Beck Nworah Thursday, September 15, 2016 5


The pastoral solicitude of His Grace, The Most Rev. Valerian Maduka Okeke, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha which derives from his passionate love for the salvation of souls touches the multidimensionality of life. It aims at drawing all especially the youth to the fountain of the living water so that they will savour the fullness of life. 

The Maduka Prize for Social Media Evangelization is an effort to engage the digital continent which has become the new areopagus with the saving message of the gospel with the youths as the best evangelizers of their folks.

Therefore, this project was borne out of the commitment to get more young people involved in the process of spreading the gospel of Christ through their divergent social media handles on different online platforms. In accordance with the Archbishop’s belief that the well formed youths are the true heritage of any society, this Prize encourages the Youths to use their talents and gifts for spreading the good news.

The Youths are not only takers but also givers. The Archbishop writes that the “youths are at the vanguards of societal change and a well educated youth is an unquantifiable asset to the society” (Okeke, V.M, Youth Education, Our Greatest Legacy). It is believed that this initiative will encourage more young people to disseminate stuffs about the Catholic faith, spirituality and Church affairs both universal and local that will help build, strengthen and promote the faith, evangelize the digital continent thus reducing incessant celebration of the false, the ugly and the evil.

The 2016 edition of this Prize which is the inaugural Award will be guided by the following laid down procedures and requirements.

1. Updates MUST reflect the Catholic faith, spirituality and Church life – teachings, pictures, events, feasts and doctrines of the Church in the Archdiocese of Onitsha and the world over always highlighting the true, the good and the beauty.
This first edition gives preference to persons who reside in, belong or affiliate to the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha.

2. An active social media account, e.g. Facebook, Blogs, Wordpress, Instagram, Twitter, Wattpad, Quora, Whatsapp groups, etc.

3. To indicate interest, text #MadukaSocialMediaPrize2016, your social media handle name, social media platform with which you wish to participate and your phone number to 08182829541. E.g #MadukaSocialMediaPrize2016, Name: Peter Ikebo Chukwuka, Social Platform: Facebook, Phone number: 09122222222. Send it to 08182829541. You can indicate more than one platform if you so wish. 

4. You will get a notification text message whether you can participate or not after the team has accessed your social media accounts.

Please do note the following important points:

1. Entries open on September 15, 2016 and will run till October 15, 2016. A short list of the top 10 finalists will be released on 17th October 2016. 

2. The persons with the highest and/or best updates and competitive followership will be shortlisted.

3. A select team of social media experts will monitor the participants’ accounts through this period to make sure everyone complies with the laid down procedures.

4. The team reserves the right to terminate the participation of any person if posts or updates are seen to be offensive. This does not stop one from updating personal pictures or good materials for the nourishment of souls.

For further questions or clarifications, please call 08182829541

Note Well: The winner will receive a handsome Prize and will have the opportunity of an audience with the Archbishop.

Best of regards from THE MADUKA CENTRE

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5 comments THE MADUKA PRIZE for SOCIAL MEDIA EVANGELIZATION 2016 [anchored by The Maduka Centre]

  1. Wow. This is good. I will enter ASAP!!!

  2. Long live his grace.

  3. This is what I have been waiting for sinceeeeeee.

  4. Is the contact always open?


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