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Martin Beck Nworah Friday, October 28, 2016 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of our e-meeting. Tonight, we shall discuss about opportunities, volunteering and manipulations. 

Somewhere at Onitsha, a group of young people are wondering how they can easily land a very good job or maybe get the required exposure they need to increase their marketability. So with my experience over time, I will share some tips with us. 

Anambra is a very complex terrain especially for young people who wish to earn white collar salaries or pursue white collar jobs. From Awka, Nnewi, Ekwulobia to Onitsha, you will most probably be inundated with the repeated stories of no space or we can't  hire you. 

Here's a fresh idea to try. 

Tell them that you are willing to volunteer and work for free for a month or two. If you can volunteer in church, I see no reason why you can't volunteer in a firm or a corporation in order to learn the requisite skills and rules of the trade. For those who go on IT without salaries, many of them are lucky to appreciate what it means to be at the work place and learn. If you stay at home or keep walking about because nobody wants to pay you, it's still the same thing. So get yourself busy and while learning the business or working there, you can be exploring other options. 

You can as well examine the firm and see what they need to become a better organization. Look out for loopholes in their business strategy or seek out a new model of marketing that will increase sales and reduce running cost for the company. Armed with this information, you can write a proposal to them, detailing out how you intend to solve those issues with a practical working guideline. I have done this repeatedly and I can tell you, it has never failed me. It only failed once because a particular company didn't have enough funds to explore the idea I gave them so we opted for a much lesser alternative. So I didn't lose out entirely, I still got something out of it. Even for campaigns, politicians and strategies, "e dey work ".

In 2013, I kept reporting and writing for an Awka based newspaper that didn't pay me a dime. But with the continued publishing of my articles, I started getting requests to write for private individuals and in that way, I got paid. When I learnt enough and needed to engage myself with other things, I thanked the firm and moved on. 

Some opportunities come without immediate monetary value. It is left for you to grab it and utilize it properly. If you can bake cake and you don't have enough money to start up, visit any catering centre and request to bake one or two cakes for them for free provided they buy the materials needed. When they test and see you're good, believe me, they will retain you either fully or pay you to bake for them when the need arises. That way, you can save up money and start your own business. 

This society is hard and everybody is seeking for means of survival. So many people don't give a damn whether they manipulate or exploit you provided they get what they want. You need to be careful and watchful as you journey through life. 

You need to understand that some things in life take time but if you are doing your best, you remain consistent and keep improving, you will be lifted up some day. It will happen sooner than you think. 

So for all young people across the 21 local government areas of our dear state, promise to seize the moment and utilize every opportunity you get to improve yourself and become better. 

See you next week. 

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


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4 comments Anambra Under-25 Friday night meeting with MBN (4th edition)

  1. Wow. I never thought about these.

  2. Nice tips. I have tried it and it works for me in the past.


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