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Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, October 01, 2016 12

I didn't have to struggle much in getting the perfect title in this inaugural post to welcome all of us to my new site. This nation belongs to the youths and if we must show our elders that we have come of age, we need to invest wisely in ourselves and prepare for the daunting challenges ahead.
If you are reading this, I welcome you to my new site. What I intend to achieve is a total synergy amongst the young people in Anambra State and by extension, the whole of Nigeria that will stumble on this site from time to time. The journey is far and very difficult but with God and our own diligence, we shall overcome.
Politics, education, social issues, sports, religion, comedy love blues and other intertwined issues, is your home for a collection of all these useful articles to liven up your day  and give you knowledge.
What we do different here is that we publish only original content from Martin Beck Nworah, other verified writers and creative experts.

As a seasoned conversationalist, creativity expert and political strategist, I comprehend the need to keep your audience entertained and engaged especially on a platform as this that is not devoted to celebrity gossips. From my activities at which helped me in carving out a niche for myself in these fields, I hope to bring in my wealth of knowledge and take you to the zenith of online satisfaction on this platform.
These are some of the packages loaded for your consumption asides the regular articles and updates.
One of the flagship series that gained publicity like hot akara at is the Guys Wednesday night meeting. This is a forum where guys exchange ideas on topical issues in the polity ranging from politics, relationships, street yarns, career opportunities for the future and the online hangout for the exchange of ideas. We shall continue the night meeting on this platform in a bigger and more engaging way because THIS IS OUR MOMENT!!!

The ladies Monday night meeting also brought the ladies together to gossip about the stuffs that makes sense to them. My intention is to grow knowledge and help everyone become a better individual through understanding that we are all going through the same process. This ladies flagship series offers that opportunity for ladies to discuss topical issues that concerns them and learn from one another.

For the young people in Anambra State, every Friday night is our special night to deliberate on issues bothering our dear state as it concerns us. I promise to make it engaging and interesting just like the ladies and guys night meetings.
We shall publish interesting videos, engaging interviews with personalities and young people doing exceptionally well in their chosen career in life here on our blog, at and . Nigerian Youths...THIS IS OUR MOMENT!!!
Thanks to Dallas Global Technologies team for staying awake through many nights to design my site. Bigcode Microsystems Ltd also secured the domain and initial designs. God bless you guys!!!
Thank you so very much for taking out time to celebrate our new baby. We promise to be your partner as you grow and become better at what you do. God bless you.
Twitter: @martinbeckuno
Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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12 comments Nigerian Youths, This is our MOMENT!!!

  1. Inspired. I am bookmarking this blog. Thanks MBN.

  2. God bless your efforts. I seriously envy Anambra state for having a youth like you. Come to Delta na abeg...make we celebrate you properly.

    1. Biko please our Beck for us.

  3. Nawaooo...MBN don dey turn celeb oooooo

  4. Congratulations bro!!!

  5. Nice Guy, your Ideas resemble your Face. May God see you through bro

  6. Thumbs up Beck.Meet me later for a glass of water...


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