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» » The Tale of Models - Anwu Emmanuel

Martin Beck Nworah Thursday, October 20, 2016 3

With all these sex tapes especially that of our purported upcoming celebrities just as it happened and still happening in Nigeria now, I am moved to say a little. For sometime now I have not been a fan of  that thing; beauty contest A.K.A modeling. Yes I have not, infact it disgust me when a friend tells me she or he is going for beauty contest. To tell you the truth, I have never also been happy even if such person wins. These are my reservations visa viz that matter:

1. That thing is a very big poof, its not as real as they present it. Its when you are one way into it that you can understand the intricacies of its glowing adverts.

2. It is an unnatural sexual ritual, luring participants into it not having the full disclosure of its sexual routine (this is reliable from previous "PARTICIPANTS") it has been shown that each participant who did qualify for the final stage would and must have slept his or her way, yes his or her way(including natural and unnatural sexual relations). They, the organisers know the way of getting on to these young lads. These fellows gradually turn into homosexuals all in a bid to be one Mr this or Miss that. Stalking us with the video footage of their unhallowed sexual escapees 

3. Mostly it is not productive, this is because the contestants ab initio have no clear knowledge of the pecuniary cost, halfway into it, they understand that they have expended much more than two third of the prize. No, they cannot back out at that point, so they will do all they can(all it takes) to get to the final stage.

4. The winner is not how far you fared in the competition but how greasy you were to the organisers and their cohort; too bad. In the same vain, the prize is not worth it at all. Technically there is a prize but such prizes is either fake or refurbished materials. In my Unizik days, I saw a Miss one thing Heritage like that pushing her prize car and asking guys around to help her get the car rolling just 3days after the event. Inside me I was ashamed on her behalf, that is beauty pageant for you.

5. The one important cleave of this thing is pride and unruly desire for fame. The fame isn't worth it at all Its an unknown sexual ritual, they are lured into it not knowing anything but the quest for the fame and cheap media publicity. Poor lads
There is this aura of freedom and precipice of  exuberance that exhume them, they don't consider anything except that air of belonging to the high class

The rate at which these people; celebrities go about their nudity is getting on my nerve. You know what I think? I feel they should probably go back to the school they left for pageantry in order to get a lesson on what is private life and how they should be treated; that which they missed to learn. 

I am not to judge them on how they live their miserable lives and sexualities but what I am not happy about is hunting us with the video footages of gory sexual actions not eligible of our our sight and which are bizarre to behold. 

Some year ago Enwongo C. Cleopas succinctly wrote on this pageantry thing, I was younger but I read it that year and now I beg to adopt the thought as mine as well. Of course I am not after if any one comes calling on my head the way most Nigeria negatively did when Sylvanus Omoniyi wrote about Badmu's dress life

One last thing, I do not wish that any of my friends, enemies, admirers, passersby etc invite me again to like or vote for any of them on any page for the sake of pageantry contest.

Anwu Emmanuel Kelechi.
Law graduate.

This is an Op-ed. All rights are reserved in the name of the writer solely. The thoughts and words expressed here belongs to Anwu Emmanuel. 

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3 comments The Tale of Models - Anwu Emmanuel

  1. True talk, The thing is getting out of hand,

  2. True talk, the thing is getting out of hand

  3. He is right shaa ooo, the thing name na naked people thing


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