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Martin Beck Nworah Monday, October 17, 2016 4

Filled with nostalgia, I remember these pictures with tears of joy 😂. The pictures were taken on the 10th of October, 2012. Today, I begin my big countdown to 26th October 2016, the day I will exchange ideas with over 2,000 young people at the St. Anthony of Padua high school ably managed by Fr.Martin Obum Ikeagu.

Prior to the 10th of October 2012, I approached different schools and "begged" them to allow me talk to their students about life. I absolutely had NO REASON to do this; I wasn't hungry nor was I seeking for any means of material support through speaking to them. But I wanted to reach out to the younger ones and tell them my stories about life. Many said I was too young or small then...even in my Italian suit. Chai! 

I would cry some nights and feel nobody wanted to hear my voice. This was the only thing that gave me joy as a teenager then and I don't know how else to explore and use my youthful energy except through reaching out to others. But I never stopped pushing and believing in myself. So one day, I walked into a private secondary school and in less than ten minutes, I convinced the Principal that I just returned to the country from abroad and I was the right person to motivate his students. Funny how the thing came out, he approved immediately and instructed all his senior students to converge in a class and wait for the British returnee speaker. I laughed myself to stupor in my heart. 

After speaking to the students, the principal gave me a fat envelop and even encouraged me to return again the upper week so I can address his whole school. But I ran away because my British accent wasn't steady and I had more people who lived on my street in his junior classes. Today, I have worked pretty hard on my natural voice and accent, I am confident enough to address anybody and I don't need to fake anything to be accepted again. Having addressed top politicians, high ranking academicians, high profile security officials in the country, business gurus and political juggernauts, I have no cause to be afraid of addressing anybody. Thanks to UNIZIK and their "nsogbu filled" SUG of that year for thickening my skin.  

Often times, I really want to stop writing, being a conversationalist, creativity expert and speaking to my fellow young people. Sometimes I become very depressed and confused about what I am doing. Why can't I just be quite, silent and live a passive happy life instead of putting myself in challenging situations that make me to lose friends and question the humanity of mankind. But like I said earlier, I don't control these things. It is like an addiction and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon no matter how hard I tried. Trust me, I have done very crazy things to stop in the past all to no avail.

It is my honest belief that young people will rise up to the occasion, encourage each another to succeed and shine the light for a better Nigeria. That's why, though I have no reason to write, speak or do any of these for any special gains, I still see myself doing them. It gives me undiluted divine joy. I thank God for his grace and gifts. Beyond these clouds, I see a light shining bright for us all. 

You know, when I started out all of stuffs around March of 2012, I told myself that I will become a millionaire in no time. I mapped out the plans and they seemed pretty realizable. My first target was to buy a Range Rover for my mum when I hit it big...we all have that plan. Today, I have six published books to my name, over 250 published articles in the online media and about 50 in the print media. I have appeared in more 40 TV talk and radio shows and still continue to appear in more. I talk at events, encourage my fellow youths and take active part in politics and entrepreneurship. At some point, I became depressed because the type of money I was expecting from my hard work wasn't forth coming. 

Even some people had to copy my original concept for my fifth book, "Diary of a Unizik Babe" and turned it into a movie called "Diary of a Campus Girl". I saw the movie and it was a replica of my work. Nobody gave me credit nor did they ever mention that my book gave them the inspiration for their movie. When I wanted to write to the authorities, I was vividly reminded that I am still a student and nobody will take my side against learned professors of repute. They refused to give me credit, refused to accept my book only to end up stealing my concept and using it for their movie less than eleven months from the time I published my book. Oh, they didn't even allow me to earn a little peanut from my sales before launching their movie because people would ordinarily prefer a movie than a novel. I wept. What did I do to these adults to deserve this type of inhuman treatment? And somewhere, my friends were murmuring that I have received a huge paycheck for my concept that was used in the movie and I don't want to invite them for a thanksgiving service and some outing. Hmmmm...funny world. 

But along the line, I realised that my joy knew no bounds each time I did any of the things mentioned earlier. I am always genuinely happy doing them no matter the outcome. So I learnt to be patient, prayerful and consistent in horning my talents. God has brought, is bringing and continues to bring the right people along my path to bless me. All that matters to me now is to be happy. And if anything comes out of my being happy in doing what I love, I will thank God for his gifts. 

I have not gotten to where I want and I don't take credit for anything happening in my life today. But I am happily and patiently enjoying the process of growing up and realizing that nothing tastes better than being humble, committed and active in what you believe to be the right thing. Keep at it, God will shine his light on you someday. I pray he keeps my mum till I make enough money to build her the hospital I promised her and a new beautiful car, even if she has five then. 

And I sincerely hope when I complete my legal studies, I won't change from this person I have come to love and accept as being me. 

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


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4 comments When they go low, you go High: Keep hitting it

  1. Mehn... Best piece in ages.

  2. Thanks bro. Inspired.

  3. Martin! The joy of what you do today must certainly pay you tomorrow. I implore you to keep the faith alive and be steadfast. Indeed you are motivating the motiva tors, I shall not wait to the promise land for the glass of water cos am already drinking from the glass in the course of struggle to reach the promise land. Thanks a lot Beck


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