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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, November 23, 2016 2

Frequently Asked Questions about #SchoolBagToPortfolio
1. What is School Bag to Portfolio? 
School bag to portfolio is an initiative by Martin Beck Nworah which is being midwifed by Amaka Jideofor. Our goal is to bring together, 40 young people from divergent career backgrounds, crisscrossing the length and breadth of the South East for a day of lessons and interaction with notable figures from the world of politics, media, financial management, entertainment, movie industry, etc. We hope to connect with each other and sustain a culture of interaction and preferment of solutions for our generation by ourselves. 

2. Why only 40 individuals? 
When we conceived the idea to host #SchoolBagToPortfolio, we wanted to sustain the conversation. Our intention was not to host a youth event where everybody will be invited and people will be invited to talk for hours. No! 
Over time, we noticed that such general talks held little or no water in sustaining the motivation of young people to pursue excellency. So we decided to pick 40 persons (24 men, 16 ladies) to embark on this lifetime journey with us. 

3. What was the criteria used in picking the 40 delegates? 
Being active on social media, it was very easy for us to pick out young people who have shown exceptional passion and zeal to standout either in their chosen career path or their talents. Asides that, we also know that these supercharged individuals need to interact with other young people in order to motivate them as well. So, we picked a few of the exceptional ones and also a few of the lukewarm ones who have shown passion to excel. So the 40 persons were picked by the #SchoolBagToPortfolio team. 

4. Any financial burden on the delegates? 
A letter of invitation was sent out to the 40 delegates and each of them have been put in the know, with regards to what is expected of them from all ramifications to make the day a successful one. 

5. How can other youths be a part of #SchoolBagToPortfolio? 
We know given the exclusive nature of #SchoolBagToPortfolio, many young people who have the zeal to attend were not nominated as delegates. So we have agreed to produce a HD video of about 45-50 minutes which will be a summary of the high points of the event. Our intention is to sustain this conversation and reach out to thousands of young people from our little space. We wanted to start small and make sure we are making the connections that will matter to us in the future. 

6. What are the areas to be covered at #SchoolBagToPortfolio? 
a. Governance and political participation. 
b. Economy and financial management skills. 
c. Media and personality management. 
d. Social enterprise and entrepreneurship.
e. Entertainment and movie industry. 
f. Business strategy and online marketing.  

7. Any other details? 
The 40 delegates will also receive customised personal picture tags, event brochures, lunch and other packages that would be communicated exclusively to them. 

8. Event details? 
Date: December 17th (Saturday) 2016.
Venue: DP VIP Hall, Awka. 
Time: 12pm - 2pm. 

9. Final words? 
Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


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2 comments FAQ about #SchoolBagToPortfolio

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