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Martin Beck Nworah Monday, January 23, 2017 2

In our society today, so many elders have voiced their displeasure over the alarming interest of young ladies in getting married as opposed to building themselves or getting a career.

So here I am, asking the elders why they often make this statement, "wow madam, your daughter has grown oooo. We are waiting to drink her wine soon." Or some will say, "this your daughter is ripe to walk down the aisle oooo. Let me inform my brother or son who stays abroad." Some of our so-called feminists even entertain these expensive jokes and go about looking for men to blame for their issues in this society. 

Some of these comments are jokes no doubt, but what about the mental disposition of the young lady hearing these things. Without much ado, it is safe to say that our society values marriage over career development or self actualization. Once a young lady of 17, 18 or 19 starts showing signs of advanced physical development that can make the head of men turn, these same elders will start banging her ears with marriage talks. Nobody will be interested in finding out the career path she wants to further her life.  

So when a horny man with a standing John Thomas whispers sweet nothings about marriage into her ears, she goes over board in showing that she's a wife material. Above that, young men like me will not peacefully do "talking to" again because once you finish and you don't mention love or marriage, they won't take you serious. Lucky guys like me have met nice ladies while the not so lucky guys will end up taking consolation in their soaps. Nobody is now allowed to pass through life stages in sequence. 

I am fan of weddings and long marriages. And when I finally get into one, the lady will know that the only Internationally Renowned Farmer in the world will always be by her side.  

But in my opinion, with all things being equal, I believe those jokes should be stopped. When you see a young lady, don't admire her boobs and bumbum and announce she's ripe for marriage. 

Admire her smiles and ask about her career progress or academic progress. Trust me, you can still laugh over that one. When she continually hears that one, maybe, she will start realizing that this society doesn't care much about marriage. 

We need to start caring about the career and self actualization of our young ladies. 

"Make una leave marriage, who go bang...go bang."

Develop yourself!!! 

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


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2 comments Nigerian Adults and Marriage Jokes

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