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» » » The Narrative of a Narrator: An Open Letter to Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah

Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, January 28, 2017 1

Sir, let me first commend your effort tremendously for the big roles you have chosen to play in advancement of our society, and that which has not only positioned you but, has favoured you to be the next Governor of Anambra State come March, 2018.

Your effort to advance and direct Ndi-Igbo cause and agenda has led you into a new political discussion, a discussion of movement. Movement away from political sentiment and emotions, a movement towards advancement of discussions through round table negotiations. Sir, the love you have shown beyond boarder is enough to prove you are set to fix Ndi-Anambra where we belong, to re-write our political lexicons and to reposition our history.

The man loved by many, we won't forget easily the big role of Capital Oil and Gas on May, 2015 and April 6, 2016 which was geared towards easing and ending endemic fuel scarcity which abnormally plunged our society into primodial crisis. May 25, 2015

April 6, 2016. . Not forgetting the capacity of both direct and indirect jobs being created daily by Capital Oil and Gas, to magically reduce crime rate in our society without our youths visiting prison yards.

Years ago, sir, you did sponsored some Nigerian youths to watch 'Live' Brazil 2014 World Cup, you have being a big player in Nigeria Football Federation and other of our Sporting activities. The commitment portrays by you for youth development and upliftment has led to the formation of Champion of Champions of Nigeria Professional Football League; the FC Ifeanyi Ubah; (the Anambra Warriors). The club has provided our youths the opportunity to ply their natural skills. You have once again reduced the high rate of unemployment in our society!

Dear Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, on October 13, 2016, Amaju Pinjic, the President of Nigeria Football Federation NFF declares you the new face of football development in Nigeria.
This you responded with sponsoring of over 70 Nigerians to United Kingdom for Advancement on Football Management and Business. 

I can't conclude this without a commendation on a world class Game Village which you have brought home, Anambra, which when completed would house the followings; 

1) Radio Station;
2) Olympic Stadium;
3) Football Stadium (Currently in-use);
4) Shop Rite Mall;
5) Malls;
6) 5 Star Hotel;
7) Industrial Warehouse;
8) Hospital;
9) VVIP Stands;
10) Lounge;
11) ICT Centre;
12) Youth Development Centre;
13) International Conference Hall..

Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, I am aware of Authority Newspapers which through its numerous editorials, has continue to preach True-Federalism as way to subdue marginalization, segregation and ethno-religious crisis which has bedeviled our entity. In the foregoing, its proven that Authority Newspapers remains not only a forefront projector of Ndi-Igbo agenda, but has remain an integral part in advancing Ndi-Igbo development through the continuum positive projection of our history, story and images.

The Authority Newspapers through a popular medium and remarkable events has continue to celebrate our industrious sons and daughters who have excelled in their professions, businesses and etc.

Thank you Dr Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation for making Anambra State a football heaven. Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation has been pivotal for the rapid development in Sporting activities in Anambra and beyond. Sir, you wake us all up. On May 23, 2016, the Anambra State Football Association's giant strides towards rapid development of the game in the state received a big boost with the donation of #150Million by your Foundation, Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation.

Sir, in accelerated level, your Foundation has succeeded in alleviating poverty, provision of shelter and welfarism. You have built houses for the wretched, you have provided electricity for the darkened, you have not only provided access road for your people, rather, you interlocked all the access roads. Timber Market dealers will ever be greatful to your Foundation .

Dear Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, your Foundation has been an upkeep for youth advancement through sponsorship of their educational, your Foundation has a thorough commitment for youth talent hunts, development of skills and youth entrepreneurship

And I ask, is there any Anambra Politician who have not benefited from your support financially  during elections? No! All have benefited.

Conclusively sir, Ndi-Anambra have a message for you - we say Run, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah Run for 2017 Governorship Election, for having individually done more for our state than any of our state Governors and in changing the narrative, Ndi Anambra through their solidarity and support has shown that Ndi-Anambra needs you.

Dear Sir, Ndi Anambra needs you!

Yours truly, 
 Amb Adichie Izuchukwu
Writes from Awka.

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