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Martin Beck Nworah Wednesday, March 15, 2017 1

An interesting argument was advanced pleading the cause of allowing a certain section produce the next Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (Anambra State Chapter). Being a wonderful submission imbued with a few ambiguous interpretations, I wish to clear the issues.

First, Article 12.1 VII of the NYCN Constitution which was advanced for the argument stated clearly that the position of the National President (and not the Chairman of a state) shall rotate between the Northern and Southern parts of the country. In the proper rules of interpretation which is generally used in our polity, the words of the drafters of the constitution was clear. Whoever interprets this section of our constitution to mean another thing is grossly trying to mislead the benevolent public who may not have the luxury of reading through our constitution. When the words of the drafters are clear, no other meaning should be read into it. The only option is to make a new law or make a bylaw to accommodate one's issues. 

Secondly, the narrative of High Comrade Obunike Asuzu was not entirely told. He came into office as a staff of the Youth Ministry in Anambra State because the state had no Youth Council as at 1999 which the writer stated. His tenure was a tentative one and was by appointment which managed the affairs of the youths till a proper election was conducted and High Comrade Nwabufo Nwankwo came into office. His tenure was an executively appointed tenure.  

Thirdly, If any zone in Anambra State has enjoyed more power in our State Council, it is with due respect to Anambra Central through High Comrade Nwabufo Nwankwo and High Comrade Frank Maduka. If the writer is holding on to the Anambra North narrative, maybe he didn't give some thought to the fact that Comrade Innocent Nduanya was in a Chairmanship position from 2013-2016 before moving up. So if there's any zone being marginalized in our dear Anambra State, it is Anambra South. Going by the narrative of the writer in the 2012 constitution (As amended), it means in the real sense, Anambra South should produce the next Chairman. But we are not advancing that argument. As progressive youths, we have advanced to a higher level that is issues oriented. 

I totally enjoyed the points raised by the writer because it has brought to the fore once again, our humble agitation for credible, focused and connected youths to lead the affairs of our Youth Council in Anambra State. We desire as a Chairman, an energetic youth who comprehends the trend of times and who can credibly give to us youths, the much desired attention we have been craving for. If this youth comes from the North or South or Central, we shall try our honest best to give him the responsibility of being our chairman.

Finally, Anambra Youths desire the best and we shall get the best. Let the arguments be based on issues and how well a man who occupies that position can protect our interest in all ramifications. The argument right now is; Who will deliver the dividends of a good youth leadership to us? Whoever in your sincere heart answers this question, give him your support. 


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