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Martin Beck Nworah Friday, March 17, 2017 1

I am Nonso Smart Okafor, a youth in Anambra State who burns with the passion to make our society better for young people like me. I walk the streets and share ideas with my fellow youths on how best we can make everyone resourceful and successful. Everyone has an idea what he or she wants. But at the end they will tell me, "I wish we had someone who will be there for us."

And this got me thinking. If we have a Chairman who understands our dreams and aspirations in our Youth Council, he will most definitely give in his best to help us actualize our dreams. So I made up my mind long ago, that when the phone rings, I will answer the call and become that voice for my fellow youths. 

At a time like this, the National Youth Council of Nigeria (Anambra State Chapter) desires someone who can be a conduit pipe to bring us youthful developments and opportunities in the agricultural, creative, economic and other divergent fields of our society. 

Dear fellow youths, I believe together, we can answer that call and build a better future for ourselves in Anambra State. I believe in our ability to work and help each other progress through life.  I am humbly reaching out to all of us both in prayers and support, to give a face to our Youth Council. Because together, we can achieve so much and make our elders and stakeholders in this state to be proud of us. 

I believe in US! 
Let us make this happen for ourselves and our dear Anambra State!! 
I humbly seek to answer the call!!!

Nonso Smart Okafor.
Chairmanship Aspirant
National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN)
Anambra State Chapter.

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