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Martin Beck Nworah Saturday, April 01, 2017 1

(The Abridged Version of the Speech presented by Martin Beck Nworah to Seminarians and Undergraduate Students at Pope John Paul II Major Seminary Awka during their NFCS weekend) 

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today is April 1st and it is recognized all over the world as Fools Day. So I just hope you won't think I am trying to fool any of you here by what I will be telling you. This is not a joke or display of foolery, this is serious business. 

All over the world, young people constitute about 67% of the world's total population and this is not a joke or laughing statistics. What this means is that we already have an intimidating physical force to control the world if we decide to do that. The adults understand this statistics and as our elders, they will always find ways to positively or negatively engage us as their interest may be. 

Coming down to our immediate environment and society, so much is at stake. The literacy level amongst the youths is still below 50% and while others are working hard to improve on themselves, a minute few are okay with social media intelligence and sarcasm. In the grand scheme of things, we must always ask ourselves this question; do I count? And if I do, what do I have to offer? 

The second question opens the doors of possibilities and ways I believe young people can count socially, economically and politically. These are the three areas I have been briefed to speak on. 

Socially, I believe young people are doing a whole lot. Social Media helps us to keep in touch and improve on our communication skills. If you type bad grammar or misbehave, you are publicly called to order. Though the aforementioned treatment being meted out is bad, but different activities with the undertone of being social is going on. So now, we need to tap into our rich population and pull the strength of our collective interest. Talk to your friends and encourage one another. The internet revolution in Silicon Valley was started by a few friends and today, Silicon Valley is the capital of ICT in the whole world. A lot can be achieved if we are informed about our world and stay connected with one another. 

Economically, advancements in technology is creating new opportunities for our young people in different fields of life. What this means is that a new generation of mentally alert youths are tapping into the opportunities created by modern ways of practising entrepreneurship, technology and creating modern day solutions to age old problems. In the grand scheme of things, where are you? What problem are you solving for your immediate environment? What value are you adding to the lives of people around you? If you are interested in being mentally alert and being a part of the process, you must be concerned with creating opportunities and solving social problems in the little way you can. In doing these things, you will make the money you want and positively impact the lives of your fellow young people in this state and beyond. 

Politically, you need to understand that politics is a game and it is filled with interested parties. At any point you are not growing mentally and improving on yourself, it is a sign you are being used. Run away!!! Every opportunity in life should create space for you to become a better individual. And if you decide to remain a spectator who doesn't believe his votes count, you will remain a pawn in the chess game of our elders. So read the news, know the current trends in the society, register and get your voter's card. And most importantly, when it is time to vote, go out there and exercise your franchise. It is only a foolish person whose special day we are celebrating today by the way, who doesn't comprehend that political decisions affect every sphere of his life. 

The journey is not a smooth ride and I cannot promise you that our elders will let go of us without being mentally challenged to do so. We need to rise and take back our future. Because tomorrow, you will be asked, what value did you add to this society? Why complain about the bad situation when you could've done something yesterday to make it well?

 Are you ready to be mentally alert and fight for the future you believe in? 

Don't forget to register and get your voter's card when registration starts. And don't forget to go out there in November this year and vote in the Anambra State Governorship election. That is how you exercise your political value and show the world that you count. 

Thank you. 

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


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