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Martin Beck Nworah Thursday, May 25, 2017 1

I talked about entitlement, gratitude and reaching out yesterday. Chucks Wisdom Cee made a very deep comment about handling rejections and why many of us decide not to reach out and I told him I would adumbrate on that today. 

You see, everyone is afraid of being rejected in anything they embark on; from the most powerful people on earth to the least. I have never asked a lady out in my entire life because till now, I am afraid of being rejected. Some of my female friends who are close to me know this fact and no matter how overt your actions are suggesting that you're interested in us, I won't take that step because I always feel I will be rejected.

And you may wonder how I was able to date back when I had the energy for relationships. It was funny mehn! Took babe out for lunch one day, started calling her everyday till she asked me, "are you dating me or what?" I just said yes. Na so I take get girlfriend ooo. 

Moving away from relationships, we may experience serious rejections in other aspects of our social, business,  career and political life. But each time I get a no, I always tell myself that it is not final. I have had people who turned me down in the past approach me much later and pay double for what I offered freely at first. It pains to be rejected and I won't lie about this.

To make progress in life, you need to leave your comfort zone. And outside your comfort zone, you will get plenty NO as well as plenty YES. You need to develop the capacity to marry both and see it as a growth process. Once you see it as a growth process, it will be easier to handle it. 

On 3rd June, I will be hosting the 2nd edition of my flagship event with the theme, "Life :The Journey". Because the event is strictly by invitation, some people believe I need to be the one to reach out to them because they're indifferent I might refuse their request to attend, should they reach out first. While I can't assure I would assent to all requests, there's nothing wrong in trying. Like Steve Jobs said, "You're already naked, you have nothing to lose."

I don't think I will bring myself to ever ask a lady out till I leave this world. That doesn't mean I am not bold or confident enough. I am very good with words and I flirt well. But then, asking a lady out in clear terms is one fear of rejection I won't let go. 
The story of how I will propose to my future wife might be a very funny tale. Well, till we get to that bridge, we shall cross it. 

So when next you are restricted from reaching out because of fear of rejection in any endeavour you want to embark upon, what if you're not rejected? 


Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 

#SchoolBagToPortfolio 2.0


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