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Martin Beck Nworah Thursday, February 01, 2018 3

The lecturer asked again, "Do you understand?"

The whole class echoed, "No oooooo."

"Let us continue, you'll understand later."

"Go back, go back, the slides."

This was the point my seat mate tapped me to wake up and I joined in shouting go back, although I had no idea what was happening in class. 

"Beck, you sleep too much in this auditorium these days, don't be unfortunate oooo. Better stay woke."

I nodded, closed my eyes again but this time, my mind wandered off to so many things. 

I spent long hours the previous night making my notes. A friend who finished successfully from the Law School had told me the secret to succeeding was making your notes every day. So by the time I finished making the long notes, the night was far gone and I had few hours to sleep. And sitting near the AC in class has never helped in anyway. 

Here, I remembered the advice of yet another friend. She told me, "Martin Beck, if you want to succeed, you must listen in class and make notes while the lecture is going on. You don't need to make notes." She gave instances and assured me it was the best way to go. 

Another friend sat me down and told me not to worry myself in this NLS. During his time, he spent most of his days at Lovitoz and catching plenty fun inside town. Said he, "I cannot come and go and kill myself on top this Law School." At this point, I had no idea which advice to follow again. 

Then I remembered Mark. Mark is a certified porn ambassador but since we got here, he drastically stopped watching porn. He told me, this is the first time he is seeing so many ladies outnumbering men in one close location. Why suffer himself when he can happily engineer the real deal. The many dreams of NLS. 

I thought about the lady who sat beside me that morning. She comes to class and eats biscuit immediately as opening prayer. 15 minutes later, she opens a plastic bottle of Fanta and relishes it with egg roll. Then she goes to the rest room. When she returns, she opens a pack of chocolate, consumes one pack and then sleeps off. She wakes up during the short break to complain of a boring lecture, goes out to eat yet more food and returns to play games on her phone. 

Another person is the king of selfies and yelling of random answers from the house of lords. He is always on hand to crack jokes and yell out random replies. You've heard his voice repeatedly and his mates think he doesn't know what he is doing. But he has a hidden study spot at the assembly hall. 

And then, we have the ones who feel you've committed a heinous crime punishable with death when you tell them to excuse you so you can walk past them in class. But, how else can I sit down if you don't give way? Fly on my own head? People take themselves way too seriously inside this NLS place. 

We have the ones who are ambassadors of Mami and random night movements. You only get to see them at places where the light is not so bright, sitting in pairs and discussing on the topic for that day. Serious minded people. 

A new month has begun today and we've expended 10 weeks or more. What are the dreams and connections you're still dreaming of making? Time is gradually taking its toll on us. 

So to every one of us here who make up the plenty people of NLS with our random dreams and aspirations, Happy New Month and keep being amazing! 

"This is 1:20pm. Should we go on break now?"


"And then come back by 2:thurty"


"You want to go home from there?"


"All these people who are not fit and proper in this place."


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