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Martin Beck Nworah Friday, May 11, 2018 0

Towards the end of his narrative, I excused myself from our gathering to use the restroom. I kept on wondering in my head, how it was possible for him to pass through this mental torture and still survive. 

I knocked on the door and someone was inside. "Who is that? Can't you perceive the something coming out from here? Person dey inside please."

I chuckled and relied; "Guy, so you've been here since then? Hmmm, take it easy with that water cistern."

"Is that Martin Beck Nworah? Mad man. That your friend's story is something else. If my father and mother tries such with me, I will clear everybody. Beck, are you still there? Guy reply me na? Haba!"

I was already half way to the next room. So back to the main story, you know some things you perceive will make you forget your thought process. The guy that was sharing his story with us; last month, he got to find out his father never married his mother. No traditional wedding, no white wedding and no court process. Nothing. She just moved into his house and she birthed 4 boys and one girl.

He was still trying to come to terms with that reality when his mother told him the father had divorced his fist wife who birthed 3 boys for him before meeting her. 

"So why did he not marry your mother legally since he was professing love and treating her well?"

"Beck what do you want me to say? I can't even imagine that my mother kept quiet for 28 years and never did anything till my father fell seriously ill and was on the verge of death."

The father had always been infuriated whenever she brings up the issue of marriage according to what his mother told him. And that afternoon, the man was extremely infuriated about the question and he threatened to throw her out of his house. 

She kept mute. 

After the man's death and upon the reading of his Will, they discovered he willed all his properties to the children from the legally wedded wife who birthed 3 boys for him, leaving only a one room shop for him and his siblings to collect the rent.  

"What will happen now?"

"Martin Beck Nworah leave me. Haba, you ask too many questions."

But I was being genuinely concerned for him. I don't even understand how a man can give birth to many children and leave just one shop for them in his Will. Was there a problem within? And their mother, how could she stay for that long without pushing this man to even bring kolanut to her people or execute a court marriage to know their union is known to law. 

"Beck, you've been standing here for the past 10 minutes and murmuring to yourself. Hope you're not processing admission form from Yabaleft?"

I just hissed and walked away. Giving birth to one maybe a life circumstance but I am not sure what to call this one. Where will they even start? 

"Beck talk to me. I will slap these white hairs off your head ooooo."

"Hahaha. Slapper. Better ask your parents to show you their wedding pictures or certificate if you've not seen it. Or tell them to narrate to you the story of how they got married. To avoid long stories when push comes to shove. If you like be here and looking for who to slap. How far sef, I heard they bounced you at the party last week, what happened?"

He dragged me back to the meeting without saying a word. "Let us see how we can help out our friend", he said. 

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


Martin Beck Nworah

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