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Martin Beck Nworah Friday, April 12, 2019 0

I want to tell 3 stories about the Thursday night launch party of Facebook's "It's Your Facebook" pop-up event (Lagos edition).

The big story is about Facebook, the bigger story is about the amazing women in my pictures and the biggest story is about Saturday (April 13th).

The big story. Facebook is currently on a global tour of major cities around the world, connecting with content creators, business owners and local users, sharing with them better ways to help them understand how the Facebook family of products can serve them. The event has held in Dublin, Dubai and other cities. Facebook picked Lagos for the event in Nigeria.

This is a beautiful move to help our people better understand how this amazing product which has become the King of Social Media can help them in different ways. The Son of Nebu had a good time last night with the preview of the event...I danced with my head as usual. LOL!

The bigger story is about the amazing women in my pictures. The event was strictly by invitation, so I had a little cold feet when I arrived. Immediately I saw IJ, my face lighted up. After greeting her, she nudged me to go greet Kiran but I was hesitant. So she dragged me herself. LOL. Such a sweet soul she is. And then when Kemi came into the room, IJ dragged me yet again to go and introduce myself. I think the cold left my feet at this point...LOL. I had a nice conversation with them on what Facebook is doing locally in Africa and how the tech giant is trying to better help creators and community leaders on the continent. 

Kemi told me to gather stories for TON and I definitely did get some. Or maybe plenty...LOL.

So I thank IJ for being my guardian angel for the night. 

So to the biggest story. On Saturday evening, I will be taking part in a panel discussion to share my story and journey running Tales of Nigerians (TON). So I am looking forward to sharing with attendees, better ways they can create quality content, engage their audience and build a community for action on Facebook. 

The massive opportunities on Facebook for our young people are just amazing and enormous. I hope going forward, more people will key into this new oil and create something awesome for our world. 

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 


Martin Beck Nworah

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